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Music is displayed on screen instead of having to search through music books and folders. There is a foot pedal available for turning pages, which is done by one click. It can display sheet music, chord sheets, or both. Play lists can be set up. Audio files and performance notes can be attached to each song. Ministry Assistant is church management software that allows you easily keep track of all that is going on in your church or organization. Worship Assistant is a software tool for planning your worship services and present song lyrics using a video projector. Worship Assistant reports the following features:.

Display song lyrics, scriptures, videos, announcements, and nursery alerts using multiple screens while simultaneously teleprompting and running foyer announcements. MediaShout Version 4 combines time-saving tools and a streamlined workspace with the comprehensive list of features you've come to expect from a premier ministry presentation system used by over 50, organizations.

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From basic worship presentations to intricate multimedia experiences, Version 4 connects your creativity with powerful tools to communicate life's most important message. According to the press release, this software is now free. The press release states: ".

And now we are giving it away! This software comes with public domain songs when you register the free version and you only pay if you want the two monitor version. This software is based in the UK. If you have used this "free" software then please contact me with comments about your experience. AirStream from Seraphim Software is a product for creating, presenting and streaming your productions.

Key features of AirStream are its extensive Cloud capabilities that means your users can access your content from anywhere on the Internet. Everything your team does is synchronized on the web and everyone is always on the same page and same version. Your whole team can share access to all of your group's media content through AirStream's Media Bin. Another cool feature of AirStream is that is allows your church members to view and interact with your services as if they were present. The content you create each week can be made available around the world 24 hours a day.

Bookshelf component is used to manage, add and edit songs and groups of songs called books. Songs are simply text files with a few special indicator flags to mark the beginning of new verses and the chorus. Optionally, songs can include Guitar Chords.

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Marietta allows for changing fonts and colors. A free trial version is available. For more information, visit the features page. A new PowerPoint based worship software product that projects both words and notes on the screen. They have over songs available but you must supply your own CCLI license.

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Available in English, Brazilian Portuguese and German languages. This is a powerful presentation software for Apple Computers. Not specifically a worship software product. Song Projector's user interface is accessible and understandable for all users, without limiting functionality for the more demanding user. A closed source free worship program with the ability to play almost an media format as well as display bible verses and songs.

It also can run on almost any hardware. As long as it is at least the minimum windows specs. This is not a regular worship software product.

All-in-one display:

It is a specialty product designed for performers. Designed to fill a need for the performing artist working with recorded background music. Allows the performer to easily control background music as well as a built in prompter. Not so much a worship software product as a product for instrumental bands that shows words, chords and even a metronome from a centrally controlled computer.

Chord chart presentation software that can be used to display and transpose chord charts on multiple monitors on stage and eliminate paper copies and song binders. If your church is committed to using PowerPoint and has hundreds or thousands of slides, this product is designed to create an automatic searchable database of your slides and then allows you to drag and drop the slides into your presentation. This software is not specifically designed for churches but has an obvious use for churches that have put all their song and scripture slides on PowerPoint and now have lots of slides.

It is a PowerPoint plug-in and adds right into your PowerPoint menu bar. VerseVIEW is a free Bible verse presentation software showing multiple verses side by side on a project screen. It is also useful for people reading Bible in multiple languages. Church Music Organiser is a Microsoft Windows-based computer program designed to help small to medium-sized churches organise their congregational music.

It's for Linux only, not Mac or PC. Uses mysql or sql lite. Precue auxiliary package allows web based front end to access the database over the internet or LAN. Allows multiple playlists, etc. Discontinued Worship Software. Download lyrics and music sheets available. Welcome to the most extensive list of worship software products on the web!

On this page we offer a free link and feature summary of worship software products over 40! Contact us to get your worship software listed and let us know when features change so we can keep this list up to date. NOTE: Since we have one of the most popular worship resource sites on the web, several of these software vendors also advertise on our pages.

Those that do, also get to show their banner above their listing and get an expanded listing. Please visit our sponsors. Worship Software Selection Guide Choosing worship projection software? Visit their Website. Features include: Modern and intuitive user interface, very easy to learn Comprehensive support for all video and audio file formats, fully-integrated codecs Easily import song data from a variety of sources including other popular worship presentation software Fast searchable song database Powerful theming engine BibleGateway.

Song usage reports to help with CCLI submissions. Read our Full Review of ZionWorx. Dynamically project Text lyrics, scripture, etc. Read our Full Review of ProPresenter. Paperless Hymnal. Read our Full Review of Paperless Hymnal. Faithlife Proclaim. Key Features: Create as many accounts as you need and download Proclaim onto as many computers as you want Mac and PC , all on one affordable subscription. Automatically format your slides with Smart Media or create your own custom media templates to make your presentations look great every time.

Automatically record your sermon audio in sync with your slides, then edit and publish your sermons to the web, without additional software. Work with your team on presentations simultaneously in Proclaim. Allow your congregation to use their mobile device for online giving, play Bible Trivia , download event information, surveys, and more.

Create digital church bulletins that automatically collect attendance information into a spreadsheet. Send private messages to the stage through a confidence monitor, control the presentation from the stage with the Proclaim Remote app, display digital sign feeds or even control stage lighting!. Read our Full Review of Faithlife Proclaim. Presentation Manager. The publishers of Presentation Manager report the following features: Control two projectors with the same or different presentations on each Drag 'n' drop allows easy creation of service plans, Click 'n' show allows fast and easy on the fly service changes.

Play PowerPointR presentations from within the software seamlessly, operator sees a thumbnail image of slide. Quickly find songs and bible passages with powerful searching abilities - great for on the fly service changes. Supplied with songs, images and 5 or more versions of the bible.

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Read our Full Review of Presentation Manager. Worship LIVE! Powerful worship leader tools include song library sort, search and filter and instant transposition Musical tools including click-to-play chords, metronome, and automatic guitar fingering printouts Easy import of CCLI song files and other text files, and integration with CCLI search tools Project songs, scriptures, announcements, images, video clips, even PowerPoint if installed , with thumbnails in the playlist Parallel-project two Bible versions simultaneously - perfect for bilingual churches.

Worship Him! The publisher reports these features: Dual monitor support: Control the presentation completely independent of the projector display.

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Site license install on as many computers as you need. CD player, DVD player, and video clip player all have full control including volume. Also features advanced whole-song-paste for importing songs from Word documents, text files, etc.

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Read our Full Review of Worship Him! Read our Full Review of LiveWorship.

Display one verse at a time or display 2 verses at a time for translated foreign language. Over custom graphic backgrounds. Present "time looped" slide shows for announcements. Learn more: Screen ratio and resolution.