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Braveheart Medley. Lee, Yenne. Guitar or Voice Solo. Sweet Child o' Mine. Bartholomew, James. Harvest Moon. Easy Guitar TAB. Merchant, Natalie. Cello Suite No. Bach, Johann Sebastian. Smoke on the Water. Deep Purple. Autumn Leaves. Clapton, Eric. Good Lovin'. The Young Rascals. Don't Bother Me. The Beatles.

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Oh Well, Part 1 Fleetwood Mac. Secret Heart rhythm. The Boxer acoustic. Reelin' In the Years solos. Tender Surrender arpeggio lick.

Can't Find My Way Home acoustic. Can We Still Be Friends rhythm. Feel Your Love Tonight rhythm and solo Jump solo.

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Is This Love solo. Oh Well by Fleetwood Mac acoustic - electric. He was pushing for it to be the A side of their upcoming single. He considered it a throwaway rock lick. Much to his disappointment, the record company decided to reverse the order and issued the single with "Oh Well part 1" as the A side, which subsequently went on to become a major hit!

The song has inspired so many artists and guitar players throughout the years. One of the most obvious tributes ripoffs? I have a lesson on that here. For me, I don't care about any of that as all artists are inspired by other artists and borrow licks and ideas. That's pretty well all the old blues guys did! Anyways, playing this smoothly is almost like a right of passage for rock guitar players.

Fleetwood Mac Oh Well live 1969

It's a lot tougher than it sounds and will take some practice even for experienced guitar players. I go over this in the video. You'll notice the difference right away when you do that. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers did a version of it and although Mike Campbell puts his own spin on it, he's the only one I've seen that plays the flat 5, although he seems to play it every time Mike Vernon: We recorded it extremely late at night, in the big studio at Decca.

Go Your Own Way Guitar Lesson Pt.2 - Guitar Solo

Mike Vernon: I spent many hours following them around the club and university circuits. Mick Fleetwood: Peter would come over and whip me! Mick Fleetwood: Peter saved my bacon on more than one occasion. I was completely lost, but I kept going of course, until Peter came back, grabbed my wrist and put me back in time.

He was my mentor, my partner, and my friend. That was my training ground. I had sort of a humorous self-effacing element to me, and Peter was a great encourager of it. He told me that it was one of the best things about my playing. Most of these tracks will appear on their debut album.

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That was my job, along with the engineer. He fully understood the basics though. I think he felt that his job was to create the music and the atmosphere that was essential to get the best results. Mike Ross engineer : The first time I met Peter was when they walked into our studio, which was on the first floor above a fashion shop.

Peter was obviously the boss, he was very verbal. They were the guys in charge. The others were more quiet, a bit laid back. They were very close. He wanted it to sound as near as possible to the way they sounded on stage. So they would all play at once, with Peter singing and playing simultaneously. As a result, there was quite a lot of spill across the tracks, which I think did add to the roomy sound. There were lots of conversations about how Chess Records sounded. They even brought in a couple of Chess 78s to illustrate the sound they wanted. Mike Ross: I was impressed by the quality of their songs, and also by the speed at which they worked.

Most of the songs would be just two takes, or even one in some cases. They took it all quite seriously, no messing around once they got down to work. Mike Vernon was quite a strict producer.

Peter Green Oh Well Intro - Бесплатно скачать Mp3

I think they knew better than to mess around with him being there. The only one who was a bit of a humorous character was Jeremy Spencer. He wanted tape echo on everything. The problem was that I was uninspired with getting anything new. It will peak at No4 and remain on the UK chart for 37 weeks. Mike Vernon: Peter was able to really put good melodies together within his playing, probably more so than Clapton who had a much more rhythmical approach, he never got out of the groove.

Whereas Eric had energy in his playing, Peter had a deftness, a touch and a more melodic style, and actually at that time he probably had a deeper blues than Eric. This article originally appeared in The Blues Magazine For more on early Fleetwood Mac and the boom in British Blues, then click on the link below. Louder The definitive guide to the blues.

Fleetwood Mac - 'Oh Well' Guitar Lesson Tutorial - Intermediate Guitar Riff

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