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How can I find my purchase history? Why can't I play some meditations in 5-day programs? How do I restore purchases on Android? How do I restore purchases on Apple devices? How do I get a refund? Are the meditations available in several languages? If this did not help, try logging out of your Apple ID and log back in. Go to this page for more information. Decide what products and services you want to use first and determine how each device will be used. Do consider using one master family account on all devices to manage iTunes purchases, and use that same shared account to track the location of all of your devices.

As an added bonus, you could use the calendar, contacts and reminders with this shared family iCloud account as well. Once you have each device configured with these basics, let each family member decide which third-party email service they want. This may well be the best strategy to employ, until Apple sees fit to enable multiple users per device.

I have an itouch and an iphone, both on seperate apple id accounts. What would happen if I added the itouch email to the.

How to Setup a New User Account On Mac

Would only my iphone get both itouch and iphone messages? Or how would that work…? Apple has screwed up the login and IDs for their devices. Heck, you need to be able to associate your devices any account you want. Also, you need more than one login for each device. Need to have several guest account to be able to log in to without getting into my account on the same device. Look at the iPad… it needs to be set up to have kids log into without the master login.

How to Delete or Deactivate Your Apple ID Account and Data

Apple is behind on this part of their program. Today I decided to leave MobileMe, once and for all, and move to iCloud. We share our contacts, agenda, and photostream. Also a single iTunes account for all the Apps. I guess I will put all these functions under the same single iCloud account the AppleID that we use for purchase. Some commenters are mistaking this extremely detailed explanation for it being complicated.

Our family including children naturally settled into this exact type of approach by simply making intuitive decisions along the way. All our iDevices share one iTunes account to share paid apps. FaceTime IDs obviously have to be distinct for it to work between family members.

Create Separate Mac User Accounts

As much as I appreciate the effort in explaining what is already so confusing to most of my podcast Moxie Mo Show viewers, this still makes it so difficult. Seems like most of my married viewers have the biggest complaints in regards to Apple IDs and their iDevices. Thanks, though, for a good point of reference! Its all way too confusing. Either one or the other ID can be associated. Otherwise, they want us to buy a second one. Sorry, but thats not going to happen.

In fact the e-mail address has been disabled due to spamming. It lets you add and change new ones but the original cannot be touched. I can now no longer receive receipts for ITunes purchases.

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Try it out! Windows has had this for ages, so has the Mac. Shared accounts are just a kludge now. You have to switch accounts to update, which turns off iTunes Match.

There are also sometimes annoying quirks in iTunes synching. Yes, apps as well as music can be shared from different accounts on IOS devices now through iCloud. And really….. If worried about getting content from another account in your iTunes account on your computer, you just home share music content. All the other coordination with one account is a ten times more painful! Thanks for the article. It seems now, since the iCloud doesnt make u erase ur device to put music on it from other purchased accounts, which was the only reason to do it in first place, I am a fan of multiple accounts in a family for multiple reasons.

Nowadays, If I am correct, if a password is shared, you may download itunes from another account by logging in, download content to music folder, then log out. Home sharing is also possible across multiple accounts to share music.

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Plus, who wants to have to cycle thru their Dads awesome Roger Whittaker albums and he sure doesnt want to sift thru a bunch of Beastie Boys, and so forth. Contacts are huge. I am sure people want no confusion of syncing ur dads contacts in with your kids. I can see the arguments now! Credit card info…. Just feed em iTunes gift cards every so often.

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The apple store just started carrying prepaid amounts on their gift cards. You can manage your storage backup to what is most important to you. For instance, who cares about a back up of Words with Friends? As for calenders, you can turn on sharing of certain ones u create, with others. Plus a family combined calender would be a mess and you would see events you dont care about.

How To Create, Change, And Delete Apple ID On Your Mac

I use it everyday to find my lost phone under the couch using another computer and this feature. Yeah pain in the butt. I think I did the one itunes account too and then gave my son a separate Apple ID not connected to a credit card which he uses for GameCenter and has email associated with it.

Thank you! This is a huge problem for me as each device is used for a different person or purpose.

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Apple is trying to control and manage everything, but they are creating a monster that could derail the usefulness of many of their services. The majority of them are still trying to get their heads around iTunes syncing, nevermind the iCloud and all of its associated services. I agree.