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With Remote Desktop Connection Client 2, you can quickly, simply and securely connect to Windows-based PCs to access Windows-based files, applications, devices, and networks from your Mac. New Multiple Session Support gives Mac users simultaneous access to multiple Windows-based PCs or to a network server that hosts remote applications and files. Since it works with Vista and is a Universal application, Remote Desktop Connection Client 2 is compatible with the latest technologies on Windows and Mac platforms. A redesigned user interface makes this application more customizable. Create your own keyboard shortcuts; and even access and change preferences during active sessions.

Access and print from Windows applications to any printer that can be configured from your Intel- or PowerPC-based Macs. Microsoft Error Reporting Tool and Microsoft AutoUpdate are included so you can anonymously submit data on software related issues and get software updates as soon as they are available. Remote Desktop Connection Client 2 also takes advantage of the new Helpviewer and improved help topics for quick access to fresh online product help from within the application.

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Network Level Authentication NLA is a new authentication method in Windows Vista that offers security enhancements that can help to protect the remote computer from hackers and malicious software. It completes user authentication before you establish a full Remote Desktop Connection. Please see Windows Help for more details on network level authentication. Download Quick Facts What's New. Direct Download Appstore.

Last updated:. I will play with the new script you've shared shortly.

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I realized that the path you were saving logs to is specific to your environment. After that i was able to get past the error and the script appears to complete successfully. I'm still not seeing any connections under " My Desktops".

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So i have examined the plist many times now If i manually make a connection from within MS RDP, and then view the plist file the one that i just created is pretty different. If i then go and delete the connection from the GUI, and reopen the plist file the format of the connection i tried to deploy is all wonky.

I may just have to manually set the connections since this doesn't seem as easy as i was hoping. And this is what the plist looks like after I manually create a connection Make sure that the entire container structure has the correct ownership user:staff. The plist created by Remote Desktop is a binary plist, so you need to use plutil to convert it to XML if you want to read it or post it:.


It looks to me like once I create a connection manually, the uuid is no longer tied to each string on my original connection? The UUID is individual to each bookmark you create. Make sense? After creating a second connection via the gui i am seeing the uuid for my original connection disappear, and only seeing a uuid for the new connection.

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  • The act of creating a new connection in the gui shouldn't wipeout the uuid from my first connection. I'd love to deploy v8 as it is way more stable when connecting to Win 7 computers EDIT: Or rather, pre-populating the cert and putting it in the users keychain? Probably not, but it never hurts to ask!

    I've played around a bit more with the connection script this morning and i had one successful run where i installed just the RDP app, and then in a second policy ran the script and voila i saw the connection on the client. And i've finally got it working.

    I believe it was related to the fact that the plist file was replacing itself with a cached version after i updated it. Looking back i knew of this issue as we had to use killall cfprefsd when modifying plists before. I discovered that simply doing a defaults read on the plist right after updating it essentially does the same thing as killall cfprefsd. Here is the final script that i'm using and it seems to work pretty flawlessly to add a new connection without wiping out what the users already had in their list.

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    Thanks stevewood for all your help! Has anyone added the "alternate shell:s": key to Steve's script? I can't figure out the correct syntax. Test it, of course. I'm starting with Microsoft Remote Desktop 8. I noticed that Microsoft Remote Desktop 8. I'm on 9. Thank you mpermann. No VPP tab here.

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    Clearly missing something. Other than that, it looks like Im set up with VPP correctly. Any thoughts on what could be misconfigured on my end? Mine does and you should as well. It should look similar to what I have pictured below. I've edited out some of the particulars for privacy reasons. I've never tried sites so it could be nothing, but "Site to add the account to: None" looks ominous. Not sure why that would cause your problem, but it might be worth looking at.

    It's also possible that you haven't met all the requirements for VPP managed distribution. You may want to consult the documentation as there are some specific things that must be in place before VPP managed distribution will work for Macs. Maybe you are missing one of them.

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    Jamf Nation, hosted by Jamf, is a knowledgeable community of Apple-focused admins and Jamf users. Learn more about JNUC. Microsoft Remote Desktop version 8 Posted: by jhalvorson. Like Comment. Order by: Most Likes Oldest Newest.