Finder quit unexpectedly mac 10.6.8

I had a problem with my Mac Mini which was running Downloaded and reinstalled the combo update and the random crashing that I was getting went away.

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Not sure if the crash is being caused by a permissions error, but you can use disk utility to repair permissions and reboot. Why did the tool bars all go blue-grey after the Optimization then revert to boring grey after the restart? I prefer the blue-grey. Sounds like the transparency effect turned on then off again if your background is bluish then it will show through. The background was the green top-of-the-wave standard Mac screen.

Solution: Clean up damaged files and reinstall your app

Maybe transparent grey over green appeared bluish. I switched between them without shutting down. Over the next couple of days it did several normal startups with no Finder error messages until this afternoon when I turned it on to reply to your post. Should I close down now and start up again in Safe mode, or will that not tell me anything at this stage now the problem has been identified?

How can I Repair it, please, as It tells me it will not be repaired? Is there anything else I can do please, other than a system upgrade or installing the combo update? Looking into switching to Telstra Thanks again, Jen. You can either migrate all your data to a newly made account on your laptop or try the Thank you, Leon and Glen. Imagine I get that from the Apple Store.

OS X Yosemite (10.10)

All that will depend on whether or not the laptop keeps working. Got brave and clicked on it and it identified itself as my ISP which previously had displayed as a small icon with the ISP name. Who knew?. Hovering over it did not cause it to 'fess up.

OS X Yosemite (10.10)

Tried to install the This is the message I got:. Any suggestions? Thanks Jen. Finder quit unexpectedly Mac. Buttercup April 14, , am 1.

Fix the Finder

This is all I could fit in one screenshot: Finder crashed on Startup. Installed or changed anything in the days leading up to the first occurrence? Since upgrading to Picasa 3. I've tried downloading and reinstalling.

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  8. I have tried reinstalling repeatedly and cannot get past The application has quit unexpectedly. All my life's photography over 40 years is 'lost' somewhere. Should I panic? I contenuti della community potrebbero non essere verificati o aggiornati. Risposta consigliata. Hello, You don't need to panic. You photos are fine.

    A fix for Software Update unexpectedly quitting - Mac OS X Hints

    I'm having the exact same problem. I tried to follow The Roggy's directions, but can't even get to 'Go' in my Finder. Still the same problem. It will not work - I'm getting the same message. I've dumped everything I can find on Picasa into the trash but have not yet deleted it. I've tried downloading and reinstalling Picasa at least 5 times. There has to be a solution. What is Google doing about this? Thank you.

    I was having issues and this worked for me just fine.