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I cut a square of gaffer tape to stop anything shorting out:.

Automate the Ralink Wireless Connection on Mac OS X

And here it is in place. Next, the case went back on. The whole thing, including a quick cigarette, took around ten minutes. So, now I go to the Apple site, search for drivers and hope the new hardware is detected, right? Here's the menubar, immediately after rebooting and logging in:.

HELP with Tenda W311M USB WiFi Adapter!!!

Just click to open the Network Preferences. Once there, click the plus-sign at the bottom and choose Airport. Give it a name In a fit of creativity, I chose "Airport". If you like, you can choose to "Set Service Order" and drag the Airport to the top.

This means it's the first thing the OS looks for if you are hooked up to other network via, say, ethernet. The most surprising part is that I didn't even have to enter the network password: I sync my keychains between Macs using MobileMe, so the Hackintosh already knew.

[SOLVED] Hide USB Wireless Utility - OSx86 (Leopard) - InsanelyMac Forum

Ironically, this Mac picks up signals quicker than my MacBook Pro, probably due to the plastic case. The card doesn't offer much information to the system, but it works.

It also appears that it is running at full speed. I set up a computer to computer network with the MacBook Pro, thus avoiding the slow router we have. Both cards are File transfers are lightning fast — easily as quick as an external USB drive for small files.

For me, yes. Now I can just flip the lid open and it is connected.

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That's a big difference when you're watching a movie and need to do a quick IMDB search. Plus, it's always fun to tinker around inside the guts of a machine. Now there are only a few problems left. I still have no sound through the mic and headphone jacks, and I still need to rub off the Medion logo and replace it with an Apple sticker, preferably one of the old rainbow-style ones.

Its name is "Baby", if you're asking. View Comments. Sponsored Stories Powered By Outbrain. Not With a Screen Reader. More gear.

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Weekend Discounts. What is starting this thing? How do I find what runs it at startup? Posted on May 3, AM. Page content loaded. The utility probably installed it there. Try opening the utility and seeing if there is an option to remove it. You can also try click on it in the menu bar while holding down the command key to see if you can drag it off doesn't always work.

May 4, AM. Communities Contact Support.

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