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ANSI Keyboard layout, ftw. But become familiar with the keyboard viewer. Was the subtitle for this thread "tell me about how wrong my keyboard preferences are"? Looking at a Sony UK keyboard that would be, for example, finding the hash key where the backslash key is on a Mac? If you were doing, say, web developing, you'd want that to be where you fingers would expect to find it every time you specified a colour.

And the tilde needed, of course, on any Unix or Unix-like system for indicating one's home directory. Your fingers would be going to the key where the hash plus "shift" There are a handful of others, importantly including, I guess, the "at" sign which you'd want for email addresses. Sorry for the syntax and the typos -- time I shut down my computer and did something else, I think.

Sorry, I sympathize with you.

laptop - Hash key via Bootcamp on Macbook pro - Super User

I need keys to just be where they should. In the US this is not a problem, but in Europe, dang Well, not to be a jerkface about it, but you are talking about an American company trying to make a laptop that will sell to people of many different languages. The UK is obviously a huge market, but it sounds like even there, there's not as strong a standard as in the US.

Or am I wrong? I'd think that if there were a bog-standard UK layout, that's what you'd get when you selected English UK as input language. You are wrong.

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There is such a layout, but it is not what you get when you buy a Mac with a UK keyboard, nor what you get when you set a Mac to use a UK keymap. That is, in fact, the entire cause of my frustration. I was ignorant to what a BS keyboard looked like so I had to wikipedia it. Well it seems to me the differences are somewhat trivial, esp if you consider that relearning 4 keys is easier and may be more sensible than loading a "bog standard" keyboard layout drafted more than 10 years ago which will result in mislabeled key caps. Do Mac keybds in UK come with the extra key, btw? Can we help you with anything else?

Mislabelled keycaps don't bother me at all, because I don't look at 'em. For many years I had my keycaps randomized; I'd taken them off to clean the keyboard, and just put them back arbitrarily. As long as f and j are correctly placed, I can orient myself on the keyboard and don't need to look at it. OTOH, the wrong character appearing when I press a key is immensely disruptive. I thought you always typed out your cursings in full? Huh, that's strange. I had always assumed you'd get the real UK layout if you switched the input type, but I tried it and you don't.

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Strange and stupid. There's no real excuse for it. I also thought that if you bought one in the UK you'd get a UK keyboard. Apparently not. Also, the UK keyboard has one more key, I believe.

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  6. The same thing happens in Japan -- if you change the layout to "US" so that the apostrophe will be to the right of the semicolon instead of above the 7 which Japan Industrial Standards drone made that dumb decision? I imagine that this might be helpful if you're a Japanese person typing in English, but there's already a Japanese Roman letter layout for such people.

    Typing the pound, or hash (#) key in emacs on Uk Macbook

    The solution is to choose the British or Australian layout. This way the Mac ignores what's on the keys and outputs what should be on the keys. As far as I can tell, the Australian and US layouts are identical. Is there any difference at all? Maybe it's because I've used a Mac all my life but having the symbol above ' annoys the hell out of me when I go onto Windows.

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    8. I've never got how relates to ' better than ". Either way you get used to it, I've got a MS natural ergonomic keyboard and it's the first keyboard I've owned with a printed on it. I cannot for the life of me understand why they do it. They should at least have the option of a proper UK layout. If you come up with a preferred solution which simply remaps all the usual stuff to be UK standard do let the thread know, I would probably bother to learn to touch type properly if that was the case.

      How do I type a hash symbol?

      Essential Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Ought To Know

      Ok, that actually freaks me out. Originally posted by Rosyna: My point is, feel free to look at what your keyboard layout has rather than forcing it into the box you're used to on the PC. Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor. Originally posted by NuVector: quote:. Originally posted by Andgarden: It's hard to unlearn a keyboard layout you're familiar with.

      Other bug subscribers

      Cro Magnon. Originally posted by MightySpoon: edit: There seems to a tool called Ukelele that lets you create a custom. Originally posted by Cro Magnon: quote:. Originally posted by PeterB No. Originally posted by PeterB: I'm talking about regular shifted and unshifted keys not being where they ought to be. Originally posted by Noodle: The UK is obviously a huge market, but it sounds like even there, there's not as strong a standard as in the US.

      The mactel-support group has nothing to do with that. So what is Bug if not a bug report? Or are you trying to avoid fixing the fault? Ricky is saying that the bug report is targetting the wrong people, and that you will have more luck filing a bug at gnome.

      Entering a backslash when using UK keyboard layout on US keyboard

      That doesn't mean the does not exist, in fact, I can confirm that it is an issue The Alt-Option Key is not recognized at all. Furthermore, since gnome has their own bugzilla bug tracking system, this is really not a good place to report it either since any developers will likely not see it. Please try not to take offense at everything people do on the internet, believe it or not, I am just trying to help you get this bug the attention it deserves. Jay Morgan, thank you! Problem solved.

      Rewriting Jay's solution again to take this thread up on google. Mactel Support. This bug affects 1 person. Comment on this change optional. Email me about changes to this bug report. Also affects project? Bug Description.

      The story behind the missing hash symbol, hashtag or number key

      Hi Gedit community. Thanks in anticipation. Alan Lewis. Add tags Tag help. Ricky Campbell cyberdork33 wrote on : 2. Henrik Rydberg rydberg wrote on : 4. Ricky Campbell cyberdork33 wrote on : 5. Please read my whole comment before you start accusing people of things You need to file the bug against gnome specifically gedit itself.

      Jay Morgan - Grice custom-made wrote on : 6. Hi, been messing around, to use sign in uk on gedit os x.